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A Podcast With A Faith-Driven Purpose

“He said, ‘Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.’” – Mark 16:15

Everyone has a story. The more who share theirs, the stronger others can grow in their faith.

This certainly applies to members of C-Suite for Christ. Each monthly meeting, a member shares a “God Moment.” They enjoy fellowship during Coffee and Christ. They offer support for one another in Colleagues in Christ.

The C-Suite for Christ Podcast takes a deep dive into who our members really are. Each episode spotlights one participant, offering an open window into the stories of hard-working Christian executives. New episodes drop every Friday on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

These members detail their lives and challenges. Offer deeply personal insights. Explain how they stay true to God, in the workplace and elsewhere.

Along the way, listeners can draw strength from these intimate conversations, and hopefully learn to be their true authentic selves. This isn’t about hiding. It’s about putting the lamp of God’s love where all can see its light, as Jesus said in Luke 8:16.

The podcast format takes a no-PC, no-holds-barred approach to being a follower of Christ. Its approach delves far into Scripture for guidance on navigating the turbulent world around us.

Are you a member of C-Suite for Christ who’s interested in appearing on the podcast? Contact founder, Paul M. Neuberger, at You have a story to tell … and your fellow members can’t wait to hear it.

Click the links below to listen to our podcast on your preferred platform: Apple Podcast, Spotify, or Anchor.

C-Suite For Christ Podcast.